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  • Duplicates
    It is prohibited to publish multiple advertisement for the same item, service or employment. Delete the old ad before publishing the new one. Similarly, it is forbidden to publish advertisement for the same item, service or employment under different categories or in different regions.
  • Advertisement content
    The advertisement title and content should describe the product or service offered. The item or service must be described in the text of the announcement. It is forbidden to simply provide a link to another page.
    Turkey Classifieds reserves the right to change the title, pictures or content of an announcement for editorial purposes or to conform to the regulations.
    Pictures included in the announcement must match the item or service offered. It is forbidden to use pictures of other advertisers without their consent. Turkey Classifieds reserves the right not to publish images that have no connection with the Content.
  • Categories
    Advertisement must be placed in the category that best describes the item or service. If necessary, Turkey Classifieds can move in the corresponding category.
  • Illegal items
    Ads offering items banned from sale by the laws in force in Turkey are prohibited.
  • Privacy Policy
    Here is our Privacy Policy

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