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100.00 ₺ Truth About A Black Magic Death Spell From A Professional +27781337383 - Ankara

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truth about a black magic death spell from a professional +27781337383
truth about a black magic death spell from a professional +27781337383

Date: Jul 23 2015

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truth about a black magic death spell from a professional +27781337383

Rage-inducing Death spell
I seriously think that there is an issue with death being an end-all game over. I once was playing on the Hard difficulty as the Warrior. I did everything with careful planning, taking in the risks of what I did as if I was a surgeon, spending perhaps an hour on this one playthrough, and equipping myself to the brim with the most powerful abilities and equipment I could find. Then I walk into that room and that fateful final boss casts shield. "ok I suppose I can deal with it" I think. Then I take my second step into the arena and I see the text "death" appear and the spell succeeds. I didn't even get the chance to land a single hit before I knew all my hard work was for naught. I believe that if the final boss can destroy playthroughs like this after players have given every inch of the game their all and also give the player a 0% chance to stop it, then there is a problem with the boss itself. It's using an unfair crutch to win. I would be much more happy to see the final boss deal more damage and have no Death spell, have an item created that could stop a death spell, or nerf the spell itself so that it doesn't insta-kill.

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