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0.00 ₺ Fertile Parrots Eggs And Parrots For Sale - Istanbul

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fertile parrots eggs and parrots for sale
fertile parrots eggs and parrots for sale
  • fertile parrots eggs and parrots for sale

Date: Sep 22 2015

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fertile parrots eggs and parrots for sale

Fertile parrots eggs and parrots for sale
Baby parrots and parrot eggs for sale. we have some weaned, hand fed , tamed and well trained baby and adult parrots and their fertilized eggs for sale. We are specialized in selling fresh laid and fertile species of parrot eggs. All our eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our aviary ,candle tested and confirmed 100% fertile with a hatching ratio of [--removed--] . Its quiet interesting raising up your own parrots. Bellow is a list of all the eggs we have for sale:

Congo African Grays = $300
Tinneh Africa Grey =$350
Yellow Naped Amazon =$500
Young gallah cockatoos = $500
Blue & Gold Macaws = $600
Scarlet Macaws = $500
Millitary Macaws = $400
Green Wing Macaws = $500
DYH Amazons = $400
1 Senegal Female = $150
Lorikeets =$50
Parakeets $40

Bellow is a list of all the fertile parrot eggs that we have for sale
with prices:

Blue and Gold Macaw eggs ------------60 available ----------- $40 per egg
Blue Throated Macaw eggs ----------- 46 available ----------- $40 per egg
Harlequin Macaw eggs ------------ 30 available ----------- $40 per egg
Scarlet Macaw eggs ---------------35 available ------------$40 per egg
Green wing Macaws --------------42available ------------$40per egg
Hyacinth Macaw eggs -------------33available ------------$40 per egg
Goffin Cockatoo eggs ------------10available ------------$30 per egg
Gallah Cockatoo eggs ------------24 available ------------$30 per egg
Black Palm Cockatoos -------------15available ------------$30 per egg
Umbrella Cockatoo eggs ------------41available ------------$30 per egg
Congo Grey eggs --------------------70 available ------------$35 per egg
Timneh Grey eggs -------------------38 available ------------$40 per egg
Eclectus eggs -------------------18 available ------------$25 per egg
DYH Amazon eggs --------------------20 available ------------$25 per egg

M/F Red Sided Eclectus $ [--removed--]
Senagals $ [--removed--] per egg

Double Yellow Head Amazons $ [--removed--] per egg
Yellow Nape Amazons $ [--removed--] per egg
Blue Front Amazon $ [--removed--] per egg
Lilac Crown Amazon $ [--removed--] per egg
Green Cheek Amazon $ [--removed--] per egg

Moluccan $ [--removed--] per egg
Triton $ [--removed--] per egg

Hahns $ [--removed--] per egg
Military $ [--removed--] per egg

Ostrich Eggs - $100 per egg
Rhea Eggs - $30 per egg
Emu Eggs - $30 per egg


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