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700.00 ₺ I Am Looking For Flatmate In Kadikoy - Istanbul

You are visiting an archived advert.

i am looking for flatmate in kadikoy
i am looking for flatmate in kadikoy
  • i am looking for flatmate in kadikoy
  • i am looking for flatmate in kadikoy
  • i am looking for flatmate in kadikoy

Date: May 26 2015

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i am looking for flatmate in kadikoy

Hello , I am Yaşar. I am studying law at Istanbul University and i also work as a football referee. We are open-minded people. I travelled all of europe by hitchiking so that I can organise your travel as cheap as hitchiking in Turkey:-) If you dont want to rent the room you can still contact me. We can grab a beer.

I live in Kadıköy with a schoolmate. He is also studying law. The house is in acıbadem (part of kadıköy).Let me tell you something about Acıbadem. Kadıköy is the best and safest part of Istanbul and Acıbadem is the best and safest part of Kadıköy .

We have 3 single rooms, 1 living room in the flat. You will have a single room so you dont have to share with someone. The aparment is in site (Complex). We have nice garden in the front side of the apartment. And there is a janitor. For many times i lived with foreigner people. So i know what foreign people needed.

From the flat, Marmaray takes 10 minutes by walk.

Kadıköy - Kartal metro line takes 2 minutes by walk ( its passing at Marmaray as well).

Metrobus takes 15 minutes by walk. Also for the Metrobus you can take the minibus(calls Dolmuş). it takes 2 minutes.

You can reach easily whereever you want so i study in european side but i wanted to live in here because here is distinguished part of Kadıköy.

The flat's adress is 'Acıbadem Mahallesi Pinar Sokak'. Check on maps. If you contact me i will send you some photos.

The room will be avaliable. We can chat on Facebook to meet each other.

The rent is 700 Turkish Liras and about 40-50 for the bills ( heater, gas, water, electric and internet)

Further information contact me. Cheers

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