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Why do you need me as your professional TURKISH TEACHER?
Why do you need me as your professional TURKISH TEACHER?
  • Why do you need me as your professional TURKISH TEACHER?

Date: Nov 25 2014

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Why do you need me as your professional TURKISH TEACHER?

The Turkish language is spoken as a native language by more than 83 million people all over the world!
The roots of this language lay in Central Asia, the first written records date back about 1300 years. The Ottoman Turkish script -- what was used during the Ottoman Empire -- was replaced by Atatürk in 1928. Instead of the Arabic like alphabet, a phonetic variant of the Latin alphabet was introduced.

Two important characteristics of Turkish are the vowel harmony and the adding of suffixes after words.
Especially for students who just start learning the language this might look very difficult and impossible to learn. But the more they study, the more they will see the logical and systematical side of this language. After some time of study it becomes easier to apply and use the grammar rules.
In a metropolis like Istanbul, it is necessary to learn Turkish. Everything around you is in Turkish and to be able to communicate with the people around you, a basic Turkish is necessary. Maybe you don't have the courage to start or maybe you've already given up. But I offer you a set of lessons, concentrated on the area that you want to improve in, that will be helpful for you. I guarantee you improvement, better understanding of the grammar rules and ability to apply them.
I can guarantee this, because up until now I've been giving lessons to more than 300 foreigners in Istanbul. Most of them are international business people, consulate employees and professors from universities. A lot of them are available as references, so feel free to ask me for their contact information.
I am a fulltime professional Turkish teacher with a Master's Degree in Turkish language and literature. I graduated from the Boðazýcý University in Istanbul.
The areas that you can choose to improve in (combination of areas is possible, too):
*spoken Turkish -- basic daily conversations
*spoken Turkish -- advanced, using idioms and less common verbs
*reading -- from newspapers till literature
*writing -- from writing short notes till business letters
*listening -- understanding spoken Turkish around you

I offer these lessons in the comfort of your home, your office or somewhere outside in a quiet and nice cafe. I hope that the lessons won't feel like work for you, but will be a relaxed and fun part of your day.

For these lessons I use very useful books, which explain all subject step by step. If you want you can buy these books from me for a very good price.

My fee is reasonable and I haven't increased it for the last couple of years. It's almost not worth to spend your money on expensive group lessons or language schools.

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